Memory Creations Photography & Video FAQs

• How long does it take for my photos to be ready to view and download?

     We pride ourselves on a fast turn around time. We download the images from each photographer the night of the event and try to have them edited and delivered on your online gallery the week after your event. Most of the time photos are delivered by Tuesday or Wednesday after the shoot.

• Do you have insurance?

     Yes, we carry all the necessary insurance required.

• How long are your Wedding Package sessions?

     We do not put a time limit on our packages and with that you don’t have to worry about any overage charges. When you hire us we are there for you as long as you need unless it is for 15 hours or more.

• Do you offer parent albums?

     Yes we do offer parent albums and they are very reasonably priced as an add-on to your package and are also included in our Premium Album Package.

• Is there an additional fee for print release/copyright?

     We include the digital files in every package so you are free to do as you please with them. We do however recommend printing through us so you can ensure the best quality and service. From what we have seen images from the retail routes lose image quality.

• Is there a travel charge?

     We typically charge for NYC and anything 1 hour or more away. We are located in Clifton, NJ, which is within 1 hour from the most popular venues in NJ minus shore destinations.

• What is the deposit required to hold our date? When is the balance due?

     Most balances differ, as I like to wrap up the taxes if applicable to the deposit. Usually you can expect to have a deposit of $500-$1000. Your main balance will be due at or before the wedding. If you are getting albums or prints we will hold a small balance due when you receive those.

• How many edited photos do you typically deliver from an average wedding?

     The average for a wedding is about 800-1750 depending on 1 or 2 shooter packages and the amount of guests and formalities you have.

• What happens if our photographer falls ill and cannot take our photos?

     Although this rarely happens, Memory Creations have a team of photographers that can ensure we are always there to capture your memories.

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